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Haihai !! I'm Frill, n welcum 2 mai room of the internet !!!!! I was uber inspired by Perfect Blue to even start "Frill's Room" now known as Uranonaut !! The name has many meanings, related to my destiny, as well as another alias of mine (MIMA !!!) .. This site is intended 2 b mai special littl "room" cuz other socials r waaayyy 2 impersonal!! I also added a special little "gifts" section so hopefully people can also make use of dis site !!! i'd rlly appreciate if u would add mai button to ur website (and ill b happy 2 add u to mine !!!!) AH YEY Oki .. Now about me .. mueheheh rubs paws 2gether evilly .. I don't have an official "about me" section, so scroll to find anything u might pawsibly wanna know !!

Mai name is Frill! I'm an angel who's been reincarnated 100x over. I'm 18 years old and known among friends as overall very nice!! I've been coding for 3-ish years, starting with carrd embed boxes ..oops, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere!! I love girls, idols, my bffs, my boyfriend, everything cute there is to see, the colour pink, and dolls! My goal in all of my lives has been to help and save people as much as I pawsibly can, so I hope that my site is of use!! ^_^ Other titles I go by are as follows: a Princess, an Angel, a Ball-Jointed Doll, the Versemonger of the Darkest Allies, Web Angel, Virtual Idol, "Good Doggy." Magical Girl, Pien-Chan and an Uranonaut (TOTES CAME UP WITH THAT BY MYSELF. IT MEANS HEAVEN SAILOR!!!) I'm the closest thing to Sweetie Belle we have in this realm. I share my physical form and voice, the only thing that's mine is my soul!!

Rollercoasters, Backrooms, Yuri, Bandori && Rhyhthm Games ,J-Fashion, Idols, Penguins, the Colour Pink, U.S. History, Dolls, Horror JRPGs, FNAF, MLP, True Crime,Horror
Poppin' Party, PoppinS, Strawberry Switchblade, Evanescence, PEDIOPHOBIA, Bambi Baker, μ's, Jack Off Jill, ICP, Kaneto-Juusei, Candye Syrup, Bambi Baker, RUMBLERAGGA, Goreshit, THE ENTIREMLP SOUNDTRACK, Ave Mujica, Weirdo Girl, Oneul, Mars Argo, Ayesha Erotica, Tommy February6, Perfume, Serani Poji, COLTEMONIKHA, HUS
(the most impactful for me .. ) Madoka Magica, Toradora, Wonder Egg Priority, A Lollypop or a Bullet, Goodnight Punpun, A Silent Voice, A Girl on The Shore, Watamote

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Hai! I'm Frill. Thanks for looking at mai site !!